This installation proposed a deep awareness, at an individual and collective level, about gender violence, through the symbolic representation of personal spaces with a sacred connotation, personal spaces that protect and seek to reflect the vulnerability of women in the face of different situations that we are exposed daily, the shapes of the pieces in this installation play with the meaning of the roll that have been forced as protective vestment for the protection of the woman in a society that does not allowed to reveal the nature love human corporality without the possibility of being in danger.

As practice that we incur to safeguard our integrity against threats from outside, seen in this way, this vestment become mobile circle of protection that accompany women as a gender and as an individual, to keep their distance from de other, from danger and for protect them from their own fragility in the face of the world.

The material security tape generally used in places where accidents or violent events have occurred  is redefined through these pieces that limitating a protective space.

The traditional connotation of danger prohibited or don’t pass of the material,  is transformed to delimit circles of protection for women, robes that tend to hide and protect from glances and danger, an evocation of personal space but also in a broader sense the sacred space where women gather to find protection and shelter among their peers.

As the usual aspect of the circular shape is reinforced by the needed, this traditional feminine technique symbolize the communal space of sharing and healing that the strings tie between  woman when protest of a gender base of violence in our country where suddenly silence by unpredictable enemy at global pandemic that has forced women to confined themselves to their homes,many of them with their aggressor, it is essential to maintain the consciousness of a reality that unfortunately does not disappear, an opportunity has a worse in this unfortunate circumstance allowing us to reorganize ourselves in a sisterhood, generating spaces of solidarity for protection.

This installation pretends to make a hallution to de violence sense reflected in gender violence with the usage of security tape as main material, at the same time, reflecting the existence of sisterhood between women with the creation of ritual spaces as protective magic against the daily threats representing in our daily life.

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